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The Spirit is Calling
RMEC Conference 2015
The Rimrock Resort Hotel - Banff
October 16, 17
Science, Reason & Faith
Karlo Broussard

Spectacular Scenery, World Class Location and World Class Speaker

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Karlo is the Director of the Magis Speakers Bureau and will demonstrate how to integrate intellectual evangelization into programs and curricula by "Opening the Door to Faith Through Reason".   For a sample of his work, click here!

RMEC Conference is an event, not just a conference...

This conference will help to rekindle the faith of our youth who are bombarded with secular myths.  Come to discover the brillance of Dr. Robert Spitzer's insights into metaphysics, quantum physics and relativity physics along with math, logic and philosophy to lead us to the real "New Evangelization".

Robert Spitzer, “ We have only ourselves to blame for the views held by our young people today; the Dawkins and Hawkings of the world have provided a great deal of information to advance their contentions while we have done very little”. Here is you chance to better understand your faith, spread the word and attend RMEC 2015 .... and change the world!

Banff's prestigious Rimrock Hotel, nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Conference registration ($325) includes all meals on Saturday
Room Rate $188 ($179 + $9 service charge) honoured 3 days prior and post conference

To register, click here!
For more information, including a schedule, click here!