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The website is currently under construction.  In an effort to provide a resource bank to our membership, we are looking at different options to see what will best serve our members.  Currently, we have two websites, which we hope to bring to one in the near future.  As it stands now, we have the site you are currently in ( http://rmec.teachers.ab.ca ).  We also have www.rmecata.com as a site that contains most of the information you can find here.  One key to this site, is it has the password to access the resource bank on the www.rmecata.com site (click here).  Currently, the resources are very limited and much more complete on the www.rmecata.com site.


RMEC Conference 2015
October 16, 17
Science, Reason & Faith
Karlo Broussard

Karlo is the Director of the Magis Speakers Bureau and ia a very accomplished speaker, having given hundreds of presentations in the area of intellectual evangelization.  For a sample of his work, click here!
Some of his potential sessions are:

  • Science: A Believer's Friend or Foe
  • From Nothing to Cosmos: Reasoning to God from the Beginning
  • Standing on a Razor's Edge: Evidence for Supernatural Intelligence from Fine Tuning
  • Existing Beyond the Grave: Evidence for the Transcendence of Man

We are currently discussing different possibilities for the location of the conference.  We will be staying in Banff and are considering a few different possibilities weighing cost, service and comfort.  When we finalize our decisions, we will update this page.