Pre-Service Teacher Bursary Application

RMEC Pre-Service Teacher Bursary for RMEC's Relevant Religious Education Conference, Oct. 12-13/2018

Two bursaries are available to students who are enrolled in a post-secondary Education in the 2018-19 academic year.  The bursaries will include covering the cost of registration which includes meals and one night’s hotel accommodation.  Check out the RMEC Home Page for details on the conference.                           

Please fill in the form below and email it

Application deadline is May 30/2018. We will contact the two successful applicants by the end of June 2018. 



Name: ______________________________

University attending: _______________________ Program:  ____________________ Year: __________

Email:  _________________________   Phone: ______________________________


Please give a 2-3 paragraph answer for each question below:


Why is Religious Education important? 

What characteristics are essential for a
Religious Education teacher today?